Freelancer Content Writer Or Dedicated Content Agency – Which is the Right Choice?

Content is a broader aspect of marketing and branding. Without content, brand-building and advertising are not possible. From letting the audience become aware of the product to communicating the message, everything happens when it is written down and floated all around.
Thus, promoting the right and quality content for branding, marketing, and advertising products and services becomes significant. Even to describe a product, the write-up should be effective enough to communicate the right message to the consumers.
Many brands these days prefer outsourcing the content to get specialized work at low costs.
In this write-up, let’s understand the two sides of outsourcing content – freelance and in-house agency for content marketing.

What is outsourcing content, and how does it benefit your company?

Outsourcing content writing tasks helps in reducing the operational cost of performing the non-core activities because there is no in-house team you need to hire.

For example,

If your business is to sell furniture, everything else besides selling the product is non-core, and so is content marketing. But that doesn’t mean it is not important. Eventually, marketing is what helps you sell the product, and that happens through quality work. A content marketing agency will have specialists in the field of content that will ensure quality work.
In terms of outsourcing content, it can go either to a freelancer or an agency that caters to such service.

Who is a freelance content writer?

A freelance content writer is someone who takes up the responsibility of curating content pieces independently and operates solely. They are individuals who are self-employed and do not work in a team.
Let’s say, if you are good in content, you could start freelancing, where you would render content writing services to clients looking for content curation for their business in terms of web content, blogs, social media, product description, and others.

What is a content writing and marketing agency?

In terms of outsourcing content, an agency is a broader term. It is a team of individuals who specialise in the field of content. There are many aspects of content curation.
The write-up should be:

  • Readable
  • Creative
  • Influencing
  • Grammatically right
  • SEO-based

Inside an agency, there are specialists for little aspects of content marketing, and the product from here comes polished and complete.

Freelance content writers v/s in-house content agency: Read this before you make a choice

1. Budget

When outsourcing, budget is the first thing to consider. After all, the most highlighting advantage of outsourcing is reduced budget.
A freelancer works independently, and the cost is not standard.
When you outsource the work to any agency, they charge a little more, but the work you get is complete and with complete responsibilities. They take out ideas, build content, optimize it, and sometimes, they also put it out on the platform. There is a team that operates to get your work done.
Eventually, there isn’t a broader difference in the budget, but convenience and quality are more significant factors to consider.

2. Deadline

Deadline is the time and date you specify to the third-party (outsourcing party) by which you need to get the work done.
With a freelancer, you work on shorter deadlines, and there are high chances that it might extend because one person is doing the job, and the level of uncertainty is higher.
In an in-house agency, there is a mutual agreement that is for the long-term, and you are assured to meet the deadlines on time as a team works on getting the work done. So, even if one falls sick, the other will make up for it.

3. Content Quality

Quality is the most underrated factor, but it is the most important one. What is the point of low-budget work when your product would not sell well in the market? Through content, you are selling your product and service to people. That is how you communicate the idea, and if that doesn’t happen right, everything else is a waste.
One freelancer might be very good with creativity but not at optimization. The other would be good at optimizing but lacking in grammar fluency. It is hard to find somebody who is just the best in everything, and even if you do, the rates would be higher.
Inside an agency, there is a specialist for everything. There is a specialist to curate a creative piece of content, somebody to optimize it, and then somebody to proofread. It is as simple as putting the printable item and a blank paper in the printer and getting the product with everything done.

Pros of hiring in-house writing agency Pros of hiring freelance content writers
  • Reliability is higher
  • The cost is much low for the perfection you would get in work
  • Long-term work commitments
  • Higher chances of meeting deadlines without fail
  • Organised and quality work without much intervention
  • Budget is lower
  • Good for short-term or urgent content
  • Shorter Deadlines
  • Flexible

Final Thoughts

Everything has its own pros and cons. If you look at a broader aspect of building and marketing a brand, an agency is always a better option. You can depend on them for the quality you have been looking for. Freelancing is always good when you need something immediately or when the urgency is high, as contacting them is easier and faster.
So, look at what your brand needs are and make a decision that will favor you on a long-term basis. Amidst everything, ensure that your content can sell your product because that is the ultimate goal.

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